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From a time when I made lots of money…

4 Sep


The things you find during a spring clean – episode 1:
Almost ancient drawings

I was in a school play when I was sixteen years old.

For one of the scenes we needed a large amount of ‘fake’ money that could be thrown around on stage (I am sure that was done in a social satire way, but I am not so sure anymore).  I think drew and watercoloured about 300 notes in total, with scenes from the three act play:

  • An old school drunken boy band (100 note),
  • a cleaning ladies Can-Can dance scene (1,000 note) and
  • a Midsummer Nights Dream spoof (5,000 note).

Noteworthy: The notes are issued by the Theatre Bank (ha!) and all the serial numbers are the same. An obvious counterfeiting fail… it’s all in the details!


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