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Rudolf the red nose heat stroke victim

20 Dec

Rudolf the red nose heat stroke victim

From a time when I made lots of money…

4 Sep


The things you find during a spring clean – episode 1:
Almost ancient drawings

I was in a school play when I was sixteen years old.

For one of the scenes we needed a large amount of ‘fake’ money that could be thrown around on stage (I am sure that was done in a social satire way, but I am not so sure anymore).  I think drew and watercoloured about 300 notes in total, with scenes from the three act play:

  • An old school drunken boy band (100 note),
  • a cleaning ladies Can-Can dance scene (1,000 note) and
  • a Midsummer Nights Dream spoof (5,000 note).

Noteworthy: The notes are issued by the Theatre Bank (ha!) and all the serial numbers are the same. An obvious counterfeiting fail… it’s all in the details!



Today I’ve only got eyes for you

20 Mar

Eyes for you

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