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Learning the lingo…

20 Feb

Here is what I have learned:

In Australia, a formal car safety check is also known as a pink slip.

The compulsory third party insurance is also referred to as a green slip.

This is what then happens in my mind…



Poached Eggs

14 Jan



Modern fairy tales

7 Nov


Augmented Reality blog 2012

2 Jan

CJ Delling blog 2012

Happy New Year and a big thank you for the 2,200 views of my 22 blog posts in 2012.

Just in case you missed a few, here is the 2012 summary.


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Melbourne International Comedy Festival & me

The making of… my 2012 MICF poster

The power of cartoons

8 Jan

In other news…

This is the first time I am not publishing a cartoon as a post. I have come across something that I think you might also enjoy. It is the TED talk by Patrick Chappatte who talks about his cartoon work, the use of humour to address serious issues and his projects in West Africa, Gaza and Lebanon.




27 Dec

1, 2, yoga

13 Dec

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