My kind of gym

13 Feb



Helpful signs #1

6 Feb


Now you can compare apples with …well, lots of other things

30 Jan


Apparently anthropologists have determined that Apple meets all the characteristics of a religion.

Wake up call for ESA Rosetta Mission

21 Jan

CJDelling_ESA_RosettaOn 20 January 2014, the internal pre-programmed alarm clock went off to wake up ESA’s Rosetta a.k.a. the Comet Chaser.

For more details and actual picture from this space mission check ESA’s homepage.


Poached Eggs

14 Jan


Augmented Reality blog 2013

31 Dec


Happy New Year and a big thank you for the 2,300 views of my 12 blog posts in 2013.

Just in case you missed a few, here is the 2013 summary.

Rudolf the red nose heat stroke victim

Modern fairy tales

Angela Merkel’s new phone

From a time when I made lots of money

Maps for the easily amused

Augmented Reality

Holiday Brain

Model chickens

Melbourne International Comedy Festival… here I come

Today I’ve only got eyes for you

CJ’s Sketchbook Project

Summary2013Augmented Reality


Rudolf the red nose heat stroke victim

20 Dec

Rudolf the red nose heat stroke victim

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