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Spring clean: Blog now over at

3 Dec

Dear readers from around the world,

It was spring clean time in the Southern Hemisphere – both in the digital and analog world!

What changes: This blog has now moved to

What stays the same: General silliness, stupid drawings, pictures and memes will continue over at And all the old posts are there too.

Thank you for all the lovely comments, feedback and good times.

If you want you can sign up again to receive updates. Or just follow me on or Twitter: @CJDelling




How to name “stuff” in German

13 Jun

A few days ago, my friend Jennifer Wong showed me the hilarious Babbel infographic on “How to name Animals in German”.

I laughed so much at the simplicity and silliness of the German language and immediately shared it on my Twitter account.

Inspired by the Babbel infographic, here is my version explaining how to name “stuff” in German.



ready, set, …flyer

27 Mar

To support my flyering adventures for the 2012 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, I will be wearing this self designed t-shirt.

If you see me, take a flyer and come along to .

1, 2, yoga

13 Dec

Delusions of grandeur

29 Sep


2 Sep

5 Jul

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