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How to name “stuff” in German

13 Jun

A few days ago, my friend Jennifer Wong showed me the hilarious Babbel infographic on “How to name Animals in German”.

I laughed so much at the simplicity and silliness of the German language and immediately shared it on my Twitter account.

Inspired by the Babbel infographic, here is my version explaining how to name “stuff” in German.



Augmented Reality blog 2013

31 Dec


Happy New Year and a big thank you for the 2,300 views of my 12 blog posts in 2013.

Just in case you missed a few, here is the 2013 summary.

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CJ’s Sketchbook Project

Summary2013Augmented Reality

From a time when I made lots of money…

4 Sep


The things you find during a spring clean – episode 1:
Almost ancient drawings

I was in a school play when I was sixteen years old.

For one of the scenes we needed a large amount of ‘fake’ money that could be thrown around on stage (I am sure that was done in a social satire way, but I am not so sure anymore).  I think drew and watercoloured about 300 notes in total, with scenes from the three act play:

  • An old school drunken boy band (100 note),
  • a cleaning ladies Can-Can dance scene (1,000 note) and
  • a Midsummer Nights Dream spoof (5,000 note).

Noteworthy: The notes are issued by the Theatre Bank (ha!) and all the serial numbers are the same. An obvious counterfeiting fail… it’s all in the details!


CJ’s Sketchbook Project

10 Feb

Sketchbook project CJ Delling 3

The Sketchbook Project is a collection of little notebooks filled with creative ideas, drawings, photos, doodles etc. by people from around the world. Each year the collection goes on tour across America before the sketchbooks reach their final home – the Brooklyn Art Library in New York.

Sketchbook project CJ Delling1

In January 2013 I created a little sketchbook and chose the ‘Warnings’ category as I have come across so many warning signs that I thought were in need of a little reinterpretation.

The sketchbook will be digitised soon, but in the meantime you can download a pdf copy for free in the shop.

Let me know what you think or contact me via facebook CJ Delling or twitter @CJDelling.

Augmented Reality blog 2012

2 Jan

CJ Delling blog 2012

Happy New Year and a big thank you for the 2,200 views of my 22 blog posts in 2012.

Just in case you missed a few, here is the 2012 summary.


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The internet is all about cats

Curtain, mic and me

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Melbourne International Comedy Festival & me

The making of… my 2012 MICF poster

Windows l.oo

19 Aug

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is on a quest to reinvent   the humble toilet. The aim is to have a design a toilet better suited to developing countries to help prevent disease and death.

That is a great idea, however I do hope that the toilet won’t as you:

“Would you like to open a window?”

News story link

Thank you world!

12 Aug

Thank you to everyone who considers themselves to be easily amused and has viewed my cartoon & picture blog.  Thanks for the >4,000 views!

More cartoons & pictures will be published soon.

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