CJ loves sharing jokes, stories and ideas using words and pictures (or a combination thereof).

CJ Delling’s other passion is stand up comedy. She has entertained audiences in Australia, Scottland, Canada and the USA.

In March 2012 CJ performed her first solo show ‘Life is wunderbar (individual results may vary)’ at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, followed by her new show ‘Tomorrow’s weather & other predictive errors’ at the Sydney Fringe Festival in September 2012 and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2013.

For more information visit www.cjdelling.com.

You can also follow @CJDelling on Twitter:

This is how I make most of my photo cartoons and drawings. All you need is paper, scissors, pens and photos. Glue is not pictured as I had just run out of it. Must remember to add it to the shopping list.

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